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About the Game:

If you are an online game savvy and love playing flash games then probably this game is for you. Run 3 Unblocked game is one of the very popular and addictive online game. In the game, you are an alien who is running in a path included lots of holes which goes directly into space. If you dig into any of the holes, you will die.

So, beware of all holes and make your way to the next level.

It has soo unique graphics which comes with 3D gameplay with the cartoons. If you don’t like the alien character, then you can change and it may help you to give more ability to keep running in a convenient way and make your way to more levels easily. Run 3 can be a good fit for mind games as well because while playing it, you are watching you each move instantly to keep yourself safe and save yourself from falling.

If you haven’t Play this game before! then Welcome to Run 3 Unblocked. Have fun!

Controls to Play Run 3 Game

  • Move – left/right keys
  • Space – Jump